Management Consultancy – India Entry

Starting a new business can cause enough concerns and not all MNCs are able to deal with the policy maze that is India. The biggest challenge that most multinational companies face is the unique architecture of the Indian governance framework A UK based MNC, in the business of Software Development, decided to expand its operations Read more about Management Consultancy – India Entry[…]

Joint Forest Management

The Impact Assessment Study of Externally Assisted Forestry Projects covered 90 villages, 30 each from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Odisha in 2016. The key activities of these projects include afforestation, biodiversity conservation, soil and moisture conservation, eco-tourism, alongwith Joint Forest Management’s (JFM) consolidation activities. These projects are helpful in afforestation by enhancing forest cover, restoring degraded Read more about Joint Forest Management[…]

Microfinance & Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion (FI) is a protracted process, especially in remote rural and forest fringe areas where access to financial products and services are constrained by demand and supply side bottlenecks. These bottlenecks have been identified by All State during studies in Odisha, Rajasthan, Gujarat and by drawing from the learnings of earlier studies undertaken in Read more about Microfinance & Financial Inclusion[…]

Integrated Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction Project (INRMPRP)

Various forestry projects are assisted in India by the overseas Official Development Assistance (ODA) Loans, Haryana’s INRMPRP is one of them. The project aims to rehabilitate forests and wastelands of Haryana in an ecologically sustainable manner and to improve the quality of life of the village communities residing in adjoining areas. Plantation and poverty reduction Read more about Integrated Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction Project (INRMPRP)[…]