Management Consultancy – India Entry

Starting a new business can cause enough concerns and not all MNCs are able to deal with the policy maze that is India. The biggest challenge that most multinational companies face is the unique architecture of the Indian governance framework

A UK based MNC, in the business of Software Development, decided to expand its operations and wants to provide software maintenance and development centre in India. They approached All State for assessing the feasibility and setting up a Company.

We started by requesting and then analysing their requirements. We understood that they wanted to set up a new business with minimum costs. We provided them support to identify the location and minimum statutory requirements in terms of shareholding, directorship and FDI compliances. The client agreed with our assessment.

By following structural as well as procedural options put forth by us, the UK client was able to successfully launch their start-up in India in a record time. We were instrumental in not only the start-up phase but also in the expansion phase wherein the operations were increased many fold within a period of less than 2 years and now it been more than a decade in successfully, satisfactorily supporting them.