November 7, 2017


  • Business Setup in India -
    Subsidiary, Liaison & Branch Offices
  • Management Consultancy

  • Payroll Management

  • International Taxation &
  • Microfinance & Financial Inclusion

  • Forestry & Biodiversity
  • Eco-tourism Development

  • Web based MIS & GIS

Business Setup in India - Subsidiary, Liaison & Branch Offices


We offer a myriad company setup services to enable our clients in India to conduct business in an efficient and diligent manner. All State is a one-stop solution provider which helps organizations in setting up their business in India. We, at All State, understand the complexities of business presented by the ever-changing Global economy and help foreign companies realize their business objectives in India by sharing our knowledge of Indian business practices and rules. This is done by a team of expert professionals who conduct a detailed Market Study, identification of partner / Joint Venture, help in establishing an appropriate organization structure (like wholly owned subsidiary), mergers & acquisitions, Government clearances, HR support, pay-roll management, location analysis, impact of taxation, office/factory set-up, formulate a comprehensive business strategy and help in implementing the same. We have successfully provided services to various foreign entities/investors to help them setting up their business in India in the form of setting up Subsidiary, Liaison & Branch Offices. Our team comprise of CAs, CSs, Lawyers that are setting up new standards in wide range of Business set up like start up, registrations, license etc.


Foreign Companies can commence their operations in India through:

  1. Liaison Office/Representative Office
  2. Project Office
  3. Branch Office
  4. Subsidiary Company

We have been successful in simplifying the business set up process and providing for an easy, hassle free entry of foreign investors in India.


We also specialize in Outsourcing of services related to IT and Finance and Management. In a nutshell, All State 's expertise, global insight and innovative tools help such companies to maximize their potential in India.

Management Consultancy


Management Consultancy is the key area in which All State provides services including General Management Consultancy, Business Advisory Services, Liaison Services, Management Information Systems and System Design & Control. From identifying the most suitable entry route & assisting you in deal structuring to providing a one stop shop for regulatory approvals, we help you incorporate the new set up. Our Planning & Implementation Strategy includes entry strategy, project management, regulatory approvals, start-up & secretarial support etc.


We provide a range of specialist management consultancy services in various functions and sectors, drawing on resources from a large domestic and international network.


Our business advisory services on financial matters and can assist you in structuring transactions to suit your specific requirements include change management, business process re-engineering and risk management. This also includes advisories on Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and External Currency Borrowings (ECB). We specialize in business process management.


We specialize in Outsourcing of services related to IT and Finance and Management. Our frame work involves an in-depth understanding of your processes and we manage your performance through integrated solutions.  In a nutshell, All State 's expertise, global insight and innovative tools help such companies to maximize their potential in India. We also we help clients generate more value from their information systems with our proven intellectual property in functional areas such as finance, human resources and procurement.

Payroll Management


Effective payroll administration can be a catalyst for this transformation. When you don’t want to manage all payroll processes in-house, you can think of payroll outsourcing to All State.


Our clients outsource their payroll to us and they focus on growing your business. Our payroll outsourcing service provides access to timely, accurate & secure data. We manage end-to-end payroll. We offer better and more efficient payroll management process for your organization and query-management services to channelize queries effectively & resolve issues.


From an accounting perspective, payroll is crucial because payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies and they are subject to laws and regulations. Our experts provide support for legal complexities that arise because of various legislations. We provide support for the Generating Statutory reports like PF, ESI & Taxation matters etc. With our years of expertise in providing payroll outsourcing services to Indian Companies & MNCs, we'll help you follow the best practices in compensation & compliance management. We keep our clients’ business compliant with payroll laws.


From basic payroll management to HR, statutory compliance, complete benefits administration, leave management, and time tracking, we are here to help you.


We also provide web based fully automated Payroll Management System on web 2.0 standard.

International Taxation & Compliances


We advise on cross border transactions, on double tax treaties & foreign tax systems/implications, Advance pricing agreement, undertakes Transfer Pricing studies, International tax dispute resolution etc.


Our International Tax specialists offer services that successfully align all the different areas of taxation into a benefit-driven strategy that is reflected favorably in the various financial parameters. We have a skilled team of tax practitioners, economists and financial analysts who are masters in their fields.


We provide guidance through professional consulting on various transfer pricing issues and concepts. Our main strategy is studying the concerned industry, billing methodology, transactions, pricing and adoption of correct Transfer Pricing Method.


We provide practical and consistent approach and solutions on various risk appraisal and transfer pricing strategy on different risks that guide clients to complete regulatory requirements and fulfill with arm’s length standards.


The following step-by-step procedures explain our modus operandi:


  1. A fact-finding exercise is carried out to analyse the various functions performed by the organization and the possible risks that can be encountered by each activity.
  2. Select the appropriate method of transfer pricing and identify the parties who have been tested with that method.
  3. Undertaking a transfer pricing study to determine whether the transfer prices in the related party transactions meet the arm’s length standard for Malaysian transfer pricing purposes.
  4. Conducting an analysis on the database available from various national and international sources to identify the companies that can be benchmarked for the selected company and perform a financial analysis based on them.
  5. Drafting a detailed report based on the analysis and documenting it appropriately.
  6. Issuing the report in Form 3CEB as mandated by the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

Our best practical transfer pricing consulting services directly enable us to develop more stringent, better quality products, and collaborate more effectively with our clients. Our consulting team has significant experience to a higher level, and work together with multinational clients, their legal and tax consultants to deliver the highest standard of case counselling and support practice, the application of sophisticated techniques based on the economy when it necessary, to address harder issues.

Microfinance & Financial Inclusion


Our focus is on promoting equality, priority given to include poor and very poor household in the program to enable them to access mainstream financial services and enhance livelihoods. When working with international donor agencies, we facilitate an open discussion to understand the real business needs and challenges of community as well as studies the policy framework of states. We recommend client-driven solutions based on detailed studies. We have worked with government departments and international donor agencies to improve the operational efficiency of community organization, build programs for enhancing financial capabilities and in facilitating market linkages to enhance livelihood opportunities for communities.


We enable financial inclusion as a key part of structuring sustainable solutions in essential services delivery, livelihood, education and skill for the local community. In our work with social organizations, we identify and study livelihood opportunities.


We have we have a dedicated & qualified team of Chartered Accountants, socio-economic and financial experts that enable us to guide institutions on a market-led approach to deliver financial solutions. We bring the expertise of designing and implementing enabling environments for micro-entrepreneurs to operate and thrive in. Further, we provide government and international organizations with local and global expertise through our team and support them to accelerate financial inclusion. We also offer custom-made workshops and trainings to meet your specific needs in dealing with clients with complex needs.


Our services include Impact assessment of Financial awareness, different financial institutions available in a geography, their roles and schemes. Also, assess the need of financial services for different lifecycle events and business requirements.


In rural areas, where accessibility is a problem and we understand that the reach of the country is having with technological progress. Thus, we also work on development of user friendly mobile application for better accessibility. Increased focus on using IT like mobile apps to bring more efficiency like easier maintenance of several records, which demand literacy and consume a lot of time for maintenance. We develop mobile applications specifically for easy and transparent record keeping practice, so as to enable community to be ready for bank linkages. Such mobile apps can provide inputs on financial inclusion schemes, their benefits and possible linkages to community.

Forestry & Biodiversity Conservation


We provide advisory on systematic approach for Afforestation & Biodiversity Conservation. This includes conceptualization, design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of the forestry projects. Our project design & implementation expertise include work with private firms, State Forest Departments & International Donor Agencies.


We have conducted Impact Assessment and Evaluation Studies of Forestry Projects in the states of Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Thereby covering around 250 forest fringe villages to understand through interaction with the communities, discussion with various forest officials and other government officials, physical assessments of forest areas etc. We have completed all our projects on time, with high quality.


Our expertise in Impact Assessment and Evaluation studies in forestry, ecology, environmental sciences, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing allows us to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions that address a wide range of forest management challenges. Our researchers, forestry experts, planners, and GIS technicians help clients find solutions. By combining the latest technologies with proven techniques, we have the creativity and expertise to provide high-quality results delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Eco-tourism Development


We undertake studies to measure impact of Ecotourism in stimulating economic growth, alleviating poverty, conserving biodiversity, preserving culture & traditions, & creating employment opportunities for local communities. We also advise on identifying key stakeholders, & determining the touristic potential of any destination.


We have we have a team of socio-economic, community development and management experts that enable us to understand and analyses the needs of community, local traditions, availability of natural resources. We enable social organizations and eco development committees to achieve financial sustainability while adding value to all stakeholders in an equitable manner. Our consulting services are focused to make ecotourism an economically viable, socially accountable and environmentally transparent choice for environmentalists, local communities and other stakeholders.


For stakeholders we offer a variety of services including: calculation of return on investment (ROI) for sustainable tourism, analysis of tourism opportunities, certifications, process and controls building, community development strategies, and much more.

GIS & Web based MIS


We have been offering a gamut of enterprise solutions, and understand what tools and software can instantly spruce up your business; not only based on your specific requirements, but also by looking at the most robust enterprise software solutions engaged by your industry at large.  We leverage technology solutions developed by our group company iBoss for better delivery of services to its clients. Our focused and result oriented approach, industry best practices and unique customized services, with top-notch technology, cater to every specific requirement.


We support clients in developing robust, simple yet effective Web MIS, keeping in view their critical business needs, so that clients can take informed business decisions timely. We provide customized management information system that presents data such as the organization’s processes, operating procedures, internal controls and audit preparation, which the management uses to make effective and efficient decisions.  Moreover, develops smart mobile applications to enable to better interact, collaborate on the move, take the right decisions, or compete with your competition instantly and on the go.


We also undertake studies to measure the forest impact based on remote sensing & GIS. We have studied the MIS & GIS systems of Forest Departments of Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Gujarat.