November 9, 2017

About Us

All State Financial Services Pvt. Ltd, established in 1995, has been founded by a prodigy executive with over 25 years of experience with companies in diversified domains. All State, with an experience of over 22 years of value added expertise, is a multidisciplinary consulting organization run by experienced and passionate professionals from diverse fields, with utmost commitment towards creation and proliferation of sustainable livelihoods.

All State is a dynamic solution provider for Quantitative Analysis and Compliance Services, Setting up businesses in India, Devising Internal Control Systems, Consultancy services across sectors like rural livelihood, ecotourism, microfinance, forestry, agro/farm forestry, biodiversity conservation, NGO’s, soil and water conservation, waste management, clean energy, environment, sanitation, etc. Taxation and Compliance, Business Advisory and Corporate Strategy to MNCs Internal and Process Audits, Operational Audits, Systems Analysis and Setting up Business in India to foreign companies and MNC’s.

All State’s approach is structured, as well as agile to assist clients in various phases of their life cycle. A vibrant cross functional and multi-disciplinary team headed by a dynamic leadership consistently ensure efficient results. Our expertise, global insight and innovative tools help such companies to maximize their potential in India. We, at All State have been closely associated with the influx in our country. This influx has led to the requirement of a host of professional services for the incoming foreign companies. In furtherance, we have devised certain packages to provide a one-stop solution for their needs to set up operations in India. We are providing these services at a cost-effective level. Normally, such services are being provided by bigger Financial Service Companies that too in parts and at much larger costs. Our clients found that our level of integrity as well as contentiousness was giving a better value addition than the giants in this field. On account of this factor, today we have some good names in the industry satisfactorily dealing with us.

All State also undertakes Impact Assessment Studies wherein team evaluates and recommends course correction and future policy direction/ focal areas for assistance strategy to international donor agencies and government departments engaged in sustainable livelihoods in rural areas. All State is focused to provide consultancy for a comprehensive set of livelihood promotion services which include Consultancy on Financial Inclusion Services, Business Development Services, Forestry and natural resource management services and Institutional Development Services to rural poor households or socially excluded groups.

All State believes that addressing complex societal challenges requires a fundamental shift in the way businesses, societies, governments and other stakeholders engage with each other. We have evaluated Joint Forest Management (JFM), Microfinance, Financial Inclusion, Poverty Alleviation projects supported by international donor agencies in various parts of India. Wherein the working, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of Village Forest Committees, Eco Development Committees (EDC), Income Generation and Livelihood Support Activities, Fund Management System (FMS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Management Information System (MIS) and overall project management have been reviewed and evaluated. We enable social organizations to achieve financial sustainability while adding value to all stakeholders in an equitable manner.

All State has chosen to mesh their social commitment into business vision. The strength of Group lies in its professionals that are more than 100 besides the large pool of backend professional resources. The team comprises an experienced and dedicated set of professionals in all related fields required for the services to be offered. They comprise Chartered Accountants, Management Professionals, HR/Manpower consultants, Financial Analysts, Software Professionals, Social Sector Experts, Livelihood Experts, Institutional Development Experts, Microfinance Experts, Community Development Experts, Gender Specialists, Forestry Experts, GIS/MIS Experts, etc. The team is of progressive nature, exposed to working in dynamic environment and ready to undertake difficult assignments at short notice. Our team with rich expertise in research, planning, policy making and training skills alongwith our experience, capability and commitment allow us to involve ourselves as a technically qualified and committed professional organization in the areas of sustainable livelihoods, forestry and natural resource management and community development.

All State has group company providing enterprise level IT solutions– iBoss Tech Solutions ( All State uses technology solutions developed by iBoss for better delivery of services to its clients. All State’s focused and result oriented approach, industry best practices and unique customized services, with top-notch technology, cater to every specific requirement.

Normally, such services are being provided by bigger Consulting Companies that too in parts and at much larger costs.

Clients have found that the level of integrity and conscientiousness is giving a better value addition than the giants in this field. On account of this factor, today we have some good names in the industry satisfactorily dealing with us. We have clients from UK, US, Israel, Japan, China, Thailand, France, Canada besides India.

Value addition to our clients

More focused in the area of core-competencies

  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Concurrent Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Optimum and efficient utilization of funds earmarked for a project and suggesting remedial measures/ action for enhanced effectiveness of projects
  • Avoids the employment headaches of recruitment, training, unionization, absence of performance
  • Ensuring secrecy of operations
  • Avoids time and financial costs of related up-gradation and training
  • Access to a full range of skills whenever required
  • Optimization of office space for the revenue earning staff
  • Optimization of management time from routine admin activities
  • Impact Assessment of Forestry Projects, Livelihood Development, Biodiversity Conservation, Agro/farm Forestry, Eco-tourism Development
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Assessment of GIS
  • Comprehensive and timely feedback and MIS

Why All State?

End-to-End Customized Services
All State provides a wide range of dynamic end to end customized services across range of sectors including consultancy services in Development as well as Corporate Sector.

All State’s expertise lies in tailor making services to the requirements of the client and value addition to businesses in every aspect. Many organisations have trusted and gained from services delivered by us.  Our world class operational models and techniques efficiently analyse financial data and legal compliance for effective management.

All State has already assisted MNCs to set up Liaison Office, Branch Office, Subsidiaries and commence their operations in record time in India.

Dedicated Team of Proficient Experts
Understanding the gravity of compliance adherence and need for quality deliverables, we have a dedicated and qualified team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, legal experts, forestry, socio economic experts, IT Professionals and other sector professionals who ensure that all compliance and quality standards are met in every aspect of every process. The Dedicated Team model proved itself to be cost efficient personnel management model that balances team size and project workloads, facilitates skills exchange and on time project delivery.